What is Responsys? Responsys 101

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If you are interested in engaging your customers with personalized 1:1 experiences on different devices, at different times of the day, and in near real-time, Responsys may be for you. Responsys compiles all of your marketing orchestration needs into one platform. It empowers the customer to determine their own next experience by interacting with them at their request.


This article will introduce you to the different elements of Responsys and how easily they can be used to elevate customer experience.


Email Marketing

Responsys can send millions of e-mail messages in a matter of minutes. It’s very impressive! But not only can the platform send to different email carriers in minutes, you can set up A/B Testing for messaging, add dynamic content into your e-mails to personalize your message, and even send personalized image content to your customer. How it works? It’s pretty simple.

If you are in e-commerce and working on an e-mail campaign where your customers have searched for a particular product, you can add an image of that product (and other products) to your email to create a more personalized experience that is relevant to your customer's journey.


Push Marketing

Push marketing is also simple in Responsys. With your SDK installed, a marketer can customize messages to users in your mobile application through push messaging. If you are looking to retain customers on your mobile app, you may want to send a coupon and push messaging will drive viewers back to the app. If you are looking to inform a customer of a new product, this is a great way to send the most up-to-date information right to their fingertips.


SMS Marketing

This has become a huge opportunity for digital marketers. SMS marketing campaigns offer a fantastic way of engaging with your customers to keep your brand relevant. It’s also a great way to keep customers happier and more informed, with a good example being shipping confirmations.  Directly from Responsys, you can schedule custom SMS messages to those subscribed to text messaging so you can instantly send them general coupons, specific SMS promotions, etc.


Data Integration

Responsys has a concrete foundation focused on data. Data is critical for the success of a customer's journey. When you think about how you will first engage and then retain your customers, having all of the data is crucial to making that happen. Responsys has the necessary integrations available for things like CRM systems, finance systems, additional customer databases and service portals, as well as the ability to upload contacts to multiple tables to help you personalize your customer messaging.


Cross-Channel Orchestration

Finally, Responsys is built with a cross-channel orchestration mind. In general. people receive messages in multiple ways and everyone has a different medium they prefer. Responsys has the ability for a marketer to build 1:1 experience across multiple channels. Build your dynamic content e-mail to thank someone for purchasing something on your site, then send them shipping confirmations via SMS message. Once they receive their product, send them an e-mail asking for feedback for your manufacturing team. All of these touchpoints can occur within one active campaign and is all set up on the Responsys frontend!


What Responsys isn’t?

Responsys is not a platform for one-to-one relationship information. We like to describe it this way: if you are a B2C company sending millions of messages to individuals, Responsys can perform for you; however, if you are a B2B content marketing agency, Eloqua is going to provide you the more detailed information on the contact from a reporting standpoint.


Interested in learning more? Click here to get more information and/or ask us anything you would like to know about Responsys and how it might fit into your marketing strategy.