StratusHealth Builds your Customer Experience Technology to Empower Your Organization

With Stratus, your organization will have an end-to-end cloud solution to help streamline marketing, sales and service processes across your business. With carefully curated solutions, Stratus will help accelerate field sales, provide event management solutions with integrated systems, provide gainers and decliners and more. Stratus provides you with the resources necessary to strategically and effectively empower your team using cloud based solutions.

Stratus Health

Stratus for Lifesciences  organizations empowers sales and marketing to leverage new technology to increase reach and opportunity within their organization. Stratus Health gives your organization the simplicity of implementation, support and built in modules to support your business.  Help your organization with improving and building technology and processes to support: 

  •      Gainers and Decliners
  •      Field Sales (Mobile) – Have your reps on the road with the most up to date support, technology and CRM. 
  •      Call  Detail – Get automatic reporting with a phone call and activity tracking
  •      Asset Tracking (demos)
  •      Event Management
  •      Point of Sale
  •      Master Data Management Support

Why StratusHealth?

StratusHealth leverages industry-shaping technologies that optimize clinical R&D, mitigate risk, advance healthcare, and improve patient outcomes. StratusHealth provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and healthcare organizations with innovative solutions and services which optimize clinical research and development, and accelerate value-based care.  These all are supported and provided with some of the tools: 

Call Center Tracking and Reporting

Support your teams with customized call center tracking and reporting to understand trends and processes in your call center.

Mobile Field Sales

With StratusHealth, we’ll support your field sales with mobile capabilities and tracking for your field reps. These programs help your reps with route planning, call planning and less time on the road to support more sales.

Gainers and Decliners

Build in custom reporting to understand your gainers and decliners faster and more efficiently. We’ll build you custom dashboards accessible via mobile and browser.

“The day we turned off our old CRM system, we didn’t tell anyone. Adoption was so low, we got only one complaint phone call. But now we’ve gone live with a new CRM implemented by SFCG and we’re throwing confetti around the office over here. The entire sales team is adopting and using the CRM system to be more proactive. We are a more effective company and in a position to extend our leadership in our market”

Kevin Yates
Kevin YatesSr. Manager-Sales Systems, Wright Medical

How does StratusHealth Work?

We’ve designed a system which is tried and true to how life sciences organizations work. Stratus includes customized training for sales and marketing teams, office hours for troubleshooting, training and additional questions after implementation and our custom blueprints and best practices for a rapid implementation integrating your customer service, marketing, billing and sales into a full functioning cloud solution.

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