Are you Ready for a Full Suite of Support for your Oracle CX Technology?

Stratus is SFCG’s streamlined bundle-services package that offers customers an industry based, best practice blueprint and implementation strategy of Oracle cloud solutions. Stratus is designed to provide best practices, implementation, integration support, and training using a systematic approach with a focus on the developing software.

Get greater customer experience, higher sales, higher adoption and greater productivity.

Stratus provides organizations with cloud based solutions spanning all areas of your customer experience in one streamlined bundle. We pride ourselves in providing organizations with the implementation, integration, training and support specific to their organization. We’ve designed a system which is tried and true to how utilities, life sciences, and manufacturing organizations work. Stratus includes customized training for sales and marketing teams, office hours for troubleshooting, training and additional questions after implementation and our custom blueprints and best practices for a rapid implementation integrating your customer service, marketing, billing and sales into a full functioning cloud solution.

Learn More About Our Different Stratus Offerings


Stratus helps construction and engineering companies reimagine their businesses. With best-in-class project management solutions, you can proactively manage projects, gain complete visibility, improve collaboration, and manage change.


Empowering Medical and Pharmaceutical Organizations with streamlined and integrated solutions to improve customer experience, sales tools and productivity, financial processes, digital marketing and overall operations.


With StratusPower, we’ll help you with your Residential and Customer and Industrial customer profile, mobile solutions for your account management teams empowering your team to continue to innovate using Oracle Eloqua, Sales Cloud and CC&B.