SFCG Announces New Offering, StratusLite, Focused on SMB Cloud Solutions

Oracle Go-To Partner SFCG launches a new offering to help small and medium organizations take advantage of cloud solutions in a cost effective way. This offering will provide organizations with the tools needed across all areas of their business to drive growth and increase productivity.

AUSTIN, TX, September 19, 2016– SFCG, one of eight Oracle Go-To Partners for CX software, announced the launch of StratusLite(TM) today, a new offering focused on helping small and medium businesses define their customer experience suite.

StratusLite empowers small and medium business organizations, who need an end-to-end cloud solution to help them streamline marketing, sales and service processes across their business. With carefully curated solutions, StratusLite customers will see efficiency and productivity gains from the top to the bottom of the funnel. The offering includes Eloqua, Sales Cloud, customer support ticketing system, strategic consulting from SFCG implementation and an Eloqua SmartStart, PandaDoc, and Colabo. With StratusLite, customers are able to select and choose what is needed in order to help sell more, market more and service their end-all customers more efficiently.

SFCG, one of only a handful of companies recognized by Oracle as Go-To Partners, brings a robust set of strategic and technical skills to implement and/or integrate all of the tools included in the StratusLite offering. SFCG, with more than 15 years of experience in CRM best practices, has perfected implementation best practices to allow customers to benefit from that experience, reduce implementation time and fees and optimize their business faster. StratusLite customers can design their own Stratus experience by choosing which pieces of the offering make the most sense for their business needs.

StratusLite gives small businesses the opportunity to take strategic action in implementing cloud-based systems revolutionizing the way companies do business, without the enterprise level budget. SFCG CEO, David Ewing, said, “We see a real need for faster, more light-weight and cost-effective solutions in the SMB space to help growing companies solve the same issues large enterprises face without the same capital outlay. StratusLite is a profitable way for small businesses to use cloud solutions to empower businesses to align their sales and marketing strategies.”

About SFCG

SFCG is an Austin-based company focused on customer experience solutions. Typically, large companies invest millions of dollars in CRM, Marketing Automation, and Integration only to find out that the solution did not turn out the way they wanted. For many reasons it might not delight customers, enrich customer experience or produce more sales or referrals. SFCG fixes that. The company has an army of consultants that are highly trained, highly skilled customer experience cloud experts. SFCG uses a combination of strategy, best practice, tactical implementation, mobility know-how and cutting edge technologies from the world’s leading vendors to create real solutions that delight clients. The result is greater customer experience, higher sales, higher adoption and greater productivity.


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