Oracle Content Marketing October 2016 Updates

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There are some new updates in Oracle Content Marketing which are pretty powerful to the evolution of Content Marketing! The official release is from September named 16.34-16.37. 

User Interface

Have you seen the nice and shiny new look to Oracle Content Marketing? 

An enhancement has been made to the user interface making it lighter, brighter, and easier to navigate. Don't worry, the familiar 5 "P" options have not changed as part of this release, but a more streamlined user menu has been added in addition to the settings and help menu options. Within the Plan Menu, many of the settings options like users and roles have been moved to a new Settings Menu making it easier for users to navigate the platform and work with the most frequent parts of the tool, like the 5 Ps. The following navigational items were removed from the Plan Menu and added to the Settings Menu.

The Settings Menu is organized in the following order:

  • Users
  • Rights & Roles
  • Categories
  • Custom Fields
  • Content Languages
  • Content Types
  • Apps Configuration (Existing)
  • Business Units

Alta Navigation - Business Unit Toolbar.png

Workflow Validation Fields

This Workflow Validation Tasks help marketing users guide other contributors (for example internal and external stakeholders) to provide the feedback, review, and push content out accurately and efficiently.

Oracle has provided some great use cases on why workflows matter:

  • A Line of business has requested a campaign from the marketing team. The marketing team needs the Line of Business to contribute specific content at the beginning of the planning process to move the planning forward, such as a campaign outline attached as a PDF and specific images that will be used in the campaign.
  • A marketing organization needs to route a screenshot of the final proofed piece of content to a compliance team. In order for that content to be considered ‘approved’, a reference ID from the compliance team must be included in a custom field on the asset.

 Leveraging the current Workflow Overview under Plan > Workflow, Users now have the ability to select a new Workflow Task Type called Validation. When the workflow is activated for a Content Asset users are required to provide a value for each mandatory field before the workflow can proceed to next stage within the Content Production workflow. The New Workflow Validation Tasks will help marketers to drive overall metadata completeness on content assets. When configuring Workflow Validation Tasks, users have the ability to select all standard fields within OCM including Personas, Engagement Stages, Categories AND custom fields! 

Imagine- not having to go back and forth asking for information when it is required before submission to the next step in the Workflow? How great is that! The most exciting part? This feature is available for ALL trims! 



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