My 3 Favorite Apps to Make Your CRM/Eloqua/Sales Cloud Better

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One could say that once their CRM/Eloqua/Sales Cloud implementation is completed, everything on their wish list has been set and they now have their dream system available for all to see and use. However what if I told you that your CX system can be even better and some of the things that you didn’t know were possible to dream up can actually become a reality?

Having been a developer at SFCG for 3 years and two months has given me the opportunity to be a part of the creation, design, and development of some innovative applications for several of our customers that allow them to increase their revenue and at the same time work more efficiently.

Here I list 3 of my favorite applications that a lot of our customers use in their day to day business operations:

  1. Snap

Overly difficult data entry is one of the top reasons CRM systems fail.  How much time are you asking your reps to spend entering new deals or service tickets into your CX systems? Does your sales team need to create multiple associated Product records for Opportunity Line Items and Service Request Line Items? Do you have to select each product individually and spend hours just creating 20 different line items one at a time? We created Snap to save users’ time on data entry. With Snap your sales team will be able to enter information in a UI more similar to a spreadsheet rather than focusing on single row by row data entry.  No more multiple clicks to reach the creation of line item and associating it to its respective parent record. Snap will also allow you to update the records whenever you need to without the need to go to the record information screen, all of your line items data is stored and displayed in the main Snap page.

  1. Territory Alignment

Adjustments to Sales Territories happens at many times during the year and can be triggered by various events.  Each time it creates disruption and wasted time for you sales team in making the transition.  In a CRM system,  the standard way to reflect this transition would be to add the user manually to the accounts’ teams, that is all fine and dandy, but what if suddenly you have to do it for 10 sales reps? How about 20? What about 100? This will be time-consuming and will definitely take a toll on the other projects that you need to take care of, this is where Territory Alignment comes in. This is a tool that will allow your system to be realigned on the backend while your users continue their daily activities uninterrupted. Do you need to realign 100 sales reps to their new account teams? No problem Territory Alignment has your back as it can realign 100 sales reps in 5 minutes without you even noticing it!

  1. Customer Portal

There might be a time when some of your customers need to ask you for a Service Request. The most common form of doing this would be to send you an email or give you a call, if it was just two or three accounts that would be manageable, not a lot of Service Requests you cannot handle is what you are probably thinking. However, what if you are in charge of 25, 40, or even 50 accounts? Your email inbox would probably explode with a lot of service issues. The situation gets even more complicated if your Sales team wants visibility into these issues to be sure they are also supporting your customers.  These days, Sales and Service teams are collaborating more closely than ever before to optimize a customer’s experience.  This is why we developed a Customer Portal application that plugs directly into Oracle Sales Cloud.  This application allows the members of your assigned accounts to login to a portal where they can create, modify, and search service requests. Does one of your contacts need to modify his contact information? This portal allows them the chance to update their personal information and all of this will be saved into your CRM system in real time. There is also more, the portal can be customized to match your preference, you can have a news page where you let your users know about current events, share training videos, products, etc.  The Customer Portal is a nice application that can be integrated to both CRMOD and Oracle Sales Cloud.

All of these applications will allow you and your users to increase revenue and efficiency while meeting a set of standards and needs that all companies share. A lot of times off the shelf systems address 80% of your business needs, however here at SFCG our bread and butter is to allow you to address the other 20% to reach complete 100% satisfaction with your CX suite. We exist to make your work easier and efficient, while also reaching your full potential.

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