Introducing Events Module – Your Campaign Management Master in Eloqua


We all know that Oracle Eloqua's campaign canvas is an easy tool to manage a multi-step campaign, however, what if there is a series of events under the same topic?  Or, if you have recurring events happening at different times and different locations? Let’s take a break and think about that process using campaign canvas

Assuming we want to promote our new product in ten cities across the country, we would need to set up 10 campaigns in campaign canvas. Thinking about all of the assets, each one would then need a landing page, a form, and an average of 3-5 emails. If we have ten sessions (meaning ten campaigns), we would need 10 landing pages, 10 forms, and possibly 50 emails! Monitoring and/or manually updating the attendees once they interact with that campaign also takes time. Not to mention if there is limited access and you would like to set up a waiting list. Think about all of resources needed to make that happen.

As you can see, it can be a very effective process, but tedious at the same time.  

The Eloqua Events module is the perfect solution for those looking to get the same results with less effort. Let’s take a look:

First, navigate to Eloqua, Orchestration, Tools, Events. 


Click Events on the top left and open a new event registration:


Name the event and fill out the information. As you can see here, in the event module, we have four sections: Event Overview, Registrant Info, Event Details and Event Actions. Let’s look closely at each of them:

Event Overview

In this section, you can see the name and description of the event, view the number of registrants, and manually manage their status.  

Registrant Info

In this section, you link your Eloqua enrollment form and configure the field mapping between events and form.

Event Details

In this section, you will fill out all the information you need to show in your communication emails such as date, time, topic, and access code. All of the fields in this section can be field-merged in emails.

Event Action

In this section, you will need to configure which actions should be triggered under certain circumstances. For example, you can send out a reminder email for your event one day before the date it will be held. You can even manage a waiting list in this section should it be applicable.

Again, while campaign canvas is an amazing tool, the events module in Eloqua can make the planning of any event a breeze. If you are interested in learning more about the Events module, email We are more than happy to help you!