Get more out of Modern Marketing Experience with these Four training Sessions

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With Modern Marketing Experience right around the corner, every marketer, sales and service enthusiast is focused on what they can gain from one of the largest customer experience events in the world. However, with a plethora of training sessions available for anyone from admins to ERP engineers, it can be overwhelming while making the most of your Vegas trip.


I have selected a few sessions that I am looking forward to the most that I believe hit the major skill sets needed for a CRM/CX Implementation Consultant: System Administration, Customer Experience, and future vision.


  • Customer Data Management, the Key to Sales and Marketing Alignment [THT1265]

  • Sales Analytics: Leveraging Data Visualization for Agile Business Intelligence [BRK1057]

  • Why Loyalty Is the Holy Grail in the Age of the Customer [THT1263].

  • Oracle Sales Cloud: Future Direction of the Sales Ecosystem [BRK1058]


System Administration:

Ask any data scientist or system engineer and they will tell you clear requirement expectations and good data management are among the most important pillars of a migration, MDM, or just a system implementation. If your ERP, Marketing Automation, CRM integration is simply passing bad data and creating superfluous campaigns that target dead leads, how exactly do you plan on adequately meeting your client’s needs while growing your client base? This is why I HIGHLY recommend attending the ‘Customer Data Management, the Key to Sales and Marketing Alignment’ [THT1265] breakout session. Clean data leads to accurate reporting of inventory and revenue trends that in turn can be leveraged for more effective targeted campaigns.


Good data practices allow you to design reports to analyze sales trends and seasonal inventory distribution as well as reports for executives to streamline their managerial responsibilities. This can be achieved all through the creation of reports with the Oracle Business Intelligence engine. Organizing and Visualizing your sales data will allow you to see Quotas and upcoming Activities as a Sales Rep, and as a Marketing Consultant will assist in more specifically targeted campaigns. This is why I will be attending the ‘Sales Analytics: Leveraging Data Visualization for Agile Business Intelligence’ [BRK1057] breakout session while I am in Vegas. Whether you are a novice business analyst or experienced executive, this is the type of session that you are sure to learn how to create meaningful reports to better manage your sales force or just yourself.


Customer Experience:

Customer Experience is the lifeblood of enterprise corporations, but it is also extremely fragile. With many key stakeholders involved even with the simplest rollouts of service software, it is hard to ensure that everyone is heard and validated throughout the process of what can be a productive but strenuous year. Establishing a positive relationship upfront is imperative so that your client knows you have their best interest at heart. But with contracts, emails, and conference calls, the client experience can grow stale. A good customer experience can be the foot in the door needed for continued recurring revenue, new potential opportunities, and a lasting relationship. I look forward to listening to Christine Bardwel speak at ‘Why Loyalty Is the Holy Grail in the Age of the Customer’ [THT1263].


Future Vision:

Updates occur every year that enhance the core platform bringing along new features designed to increase enterprise company’s bottom line. Something that I’ve encountered is the eagerness to know what they can get but also what’s in the works for the future. This is a great opportunity to establish confidence in your products ability to relieve their specific pain points. I look forward to attending ‘Oracle Sales Cloud: Future Direction of the Sales Ecosystem’ [BRK1058] to learn about the new sales analytics and new pre-configured solutions for vertical specific issues.