What is Responsys? Responsys 101

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If you are interested in engaging your customers with personalized 1:1 experiences on different devices, at different times of the day, and in near real-time, Responsys may be for you. Responsys compiles all of your marketing orchestration needs into one platform. It empowers the customer to determine their own next experience by interacting with them at their request.


This article will introduce you to the different elements of Responsys and how easily they can be used to elevate customer experience.


Email Marketing

Responsys can send millions of e-mail messages in a matter of minutes. It’s very impressive! But not only can the platform send to different email carriers in minutes, you can set up A/B Testing for messaging, add dynamic content into your e-mails to personalize your message, and even send personalized image content to your customer. How it works? It’s pretty simple.

If you are in e-commerce and working on an e-mail campaign where your customers have searched for a particular product, you can add an image of that product (and other products) to your email to create a more personalized experience that is relevant to your customer's journey.


Push Marketing

Push marketing is also simple in Responsys. With your SDK installed, a marketer can customize messages to users in your mobile application through push messaging. If you are looking to retain customers on your mobile app, you may want to send a coupon and push messaging will drive viewers back to the app. If you are looking to inform a customer of a new product, this is a great way to send the most up-to-date information right to their fingertips.


SMS Marketing

This has become a huge opportunity for digital marketers. SMS marketing campaigns offer a fantastic way of engaging with your customers to keep your brand relevant. It’s also a great way to keep customers happier and more informed, with a good example being shipping confirmations.  Directly from Responsys, you can schedule custom SMS messages to those subscribed to text messaging so you can instantly send them general coupons, specific SMS promotions, etc.


Data Integration

Responsys has a concrete foundation focused on data. Data is critical for the success of a customer's journey. When you think about how you will first engage and then retain your customers, having all of the data is crucial to making that happen. Responsys has the necessary integrations available for things like CRM systems, finance systems, additional customer databases and service portals, as well as the ability to upload contacts to multiple tables to help you personalize your customer messaging.


Cross-Channel Orchestration

Finally, Responsys is built with a cross-channel orchestration mind. In general. people receive messages in multiple ways and everyone has a different medium they prefer. Responsys has the ability for a marketer to build 1:1 experience across multiple channels. Build your dynamic content e-mail to thank someone for purchasing something on your site, then send them shipping confirmations via SMS message. Once they receive their product, send them an e-mail asking for feedback for your manufacturing team. All of these touchpoints can occur within one active campaign and is all set up on the Responsys frontend!


What Responsys isn’t?

Responsys is not a platform for one-to-one relationship information. We like to describe it this way: if you are a B2C company sending millions of messages to individuals, Responsys can perform for you; however, if you are a B2B content marketing agency, Eloqua is going to provide you the more detailed information on the contact from a reporting standpoint.


Interested in learning more? Click here to get more information and/or ask us anything you would like to know about Responsys and how it might fit into your marketing strategy.

How to Get Started With SMS Marketing

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Everywhere you look (probably on your desk right now), there are mobile phones. SMS marketing campaigns offer a fantastic way of engaging with your customers to keep your brand relevant. It’s also a great way to keep customers happier and more informed, like if a customer was receiving shipping confirmations.  SMS messaging provides a 98 percent open rate (compared to a 20 percent open rate with email messages). And 90 percent of SMS are also read within three minutes of delivery!

If you planning on incorporating SMS messaging into your marketing strategy, here are some tips to get started.

Think about how you’ll gather contacts

With SMS, you need to find a customer’s phone number by, in most cases, asking. There are many ways to ask for a phone number like on a pop-up banner on your website or by asking a customer in your store. Just as you receive text alerts when checking into a hotel, reservation or flight, a great way to let customers know about your SMS programs is to tell them what they will receive upon subscription. Make sure to look at all avenues of a new or potential customer and determine if you have the ability to ask for a phone number.  

Note: If you are using Responsys and need some clarification on how you can opt customers in, shoot us a note here and we can help.

Remember the legal stuff

From a legal perspective, it is very important to get permission (even after they have submitted for information!) from your customers. You should always consider them potential subscribers until they have opted in to your shortcode.

Example: Press 1 to opt-in.

Alternatively you can include an option to opt-out prior to the launch of your SMS marketing campaign. This option should be clearly visible throughout the course of your campaign.

Example: Text ‘STOP’ to cancel.


Don’t forget about time zones!

I’m sure you have had someone who has sent you a SMS message at 5AM before, right? Make sure to keep your segments updated and ensure you’ve added time zone as a segment filter on your campaign. (Assuming you are using Responsys, you can do this simply by scheduling the messages within the campaign) It is never good to be the “neighbor who wakes you up.” Be cognizant and pay attention to time zones to send the right SMS message at the right time.

Think about the relationship- keep engaging with those who like to be engaged

Cross channel marketing and marketing automation help marketers maintain relationships with their customers. If you have a customer who continually opens and clicks on your SMS message, you are probably doing something right. Be sure to look at your SMS message to see if other campaigns can connect to keep your relationship stronger. If your customers are not opening your SMS messages, maybe it’s time to send them a coupon to see if this will re-engage them. Think about the relevancy you’d like to maintain on a 1:1 basis and then map all of your active campaigns to ensure your customer is receiving the correct frequency.

SMS messaging is a very effective marketing method as mobile is becoming THE way to engage customers in both marketing and service to provide the best customer experience. As you plan your campaign, use these tips to ensure its success when including SMS. If you are using Responsys, all of these features are available for you to manage at your fingertips! If you need more information about how to enable SMS messaging in Responsys, please let us know!

SFCG Announces Strategic Partnership with Televerde

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Oracle Marketing Cloud Partner Powerhouses Join Forces to Ensure Their Clients Win Through New Joint Implementation and Demand Generation Services.

September 12, 2016 – Austin, Texas – In today’s market, successful marketing requires end-to-end holistic solutions, executed by experts. The Sales & Marketing automation experts of SFCG are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver high quality onboarding and engagement programs for clients of Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC) with global sales and marketing solutions provider Televerde. The partnership will include technical launch start-up programs, integration services, data intelligence capabilities, and integrated campaign execution to ensure their clients receive end-to-end campaign support.

SFCG, one of only a handful of companies recognized by Oracle as Go-To partners, brings a strong set of strategic and technical skills to implement and/or integrate an OMC instance, while Televerde offers strategic engagement and campaign planning, data intelligence, demand generation, teleservices and inside sales support to ensure a return on the Eloqua investment.  “We are thrilled to endorse services that can help our clients leverage sales, marketing, and service solutions to bring 200 percent ROI or more,” said SFCG’s CEO David Ewing. “Televerde offers the kind of solutions that allow our customers to do more with what they have and maximize their results.” This powerhouse combination enables an OMC client to be expertly installed, empowered, prepared, and educated on their marketing automation journey.

SFGC’s partnership with Televerde ensures a successful OMC/Eloqua set-up and implementation as well as ongoing strategic and operational support to ensure success for their clients. Together, these offerings will be organized into separate and co-partner go-to market strategies. Televerde CMO Ray Kemper said, “SFCG has a highly trained team of Oracle certified specialists and a strong history with Oracle Sales Automation, Marketing Automation and implementation services for enterprises. The toolset provided by Oracle Marketing Cloud is only as good as the strategy behind it and Televerde knows how to set the best strategy, execute on it and achieve the right results.”

SFCG will provide the technical expertise to implement a client’s marketing goals through developing an OMC instance catered to the client’s needs, while Televerde will provide strategic campaign strategy, demand generation, and integrated teleservices. Together they will enable clients to generate the leads to acquire new customers and increasing revenue by successfully running campaigns through OMC.

About Televerde

Televerde is a global marketing and sales solution provider dedicated to acquiring new business and accelerating revenue for our clients. By offering proven solutions in the areas of marketing technology services, strategic engagement planning, data intelligence, demand generation, teleservices and inside sales, Televerde has helped a host of large and mid-sized companies generate over $6.5 billion in revenue.

To learn more, visit: www.televerde.com

Media Contact:

Jennifer Jewett

Mockingbird Communications for Televerde

+1 617 913 2404



About SFCG

SFCG is a sales & marketing consultancy, devoted to helping companies effectively drive revenue by providing the best customer experience. SFCG is an Oracle Go-To Partner whose solutions include Oracle Sales Cloud, CRMOnDemand, and Oracle Marketing Cloud. Our experts help our clients envision the customer experience they want, enhance business processes to deliver it, and execute the deployment of the integrated systems.

To learn more, visit: www.sfcg.com

Media Contact:

Cassie Witten

+1 512 243 7340