3 Reasons a Dedicated, Pre-warmed IP is a Great Investment

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Your company has finally made the jump into the big leagues and signed up to take advantage of all the business tools Eloqua has to offer. To ensure the maximum return on your investment as quickly as possible, you need to start getting your emails out to as many people as you can. But how do you make sure they actually get your message? A dedicated, pre-warmed IP is one of the most effective ways to do so, and here’s why:

3) You Can Control Your Own Destiny: As professional marketers, you have a good idea who your perfect target audience is. Using a powerful marketing automation tool like Eloqua, you can best target those customers and ensure they hear your message. After getting the software set up and crafting the perfect message to target those perfect customers, it would be a real shame if they never even got your email. Having a shared, cold IP you run that risk. Sure you can save a few bucks by sharing an IP, but is that really the best idea? The old adage ‘pound wise, penny foolish’ comes to mind. A shared IP address means your email deliverability (your ‘sender score’) is directly impacted by the actions of the other Oracle Eloqua clients sending their campaigns from the same IP. All it takes is one bad campaign from another company going out over your shared IP address to lower your score to the point that no one sees that content you spent so long perfecting. With a dedicated IP address for your Oracle mail server, you increase your ability to get your emails into the inboxes of your target contacts.

2) Your Only Chance at a First Impression: The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are the final decision makers on how email gets marked- either good email or spam. While it is possible to get content that has been marked as spam through to your recipient, it’s better to not get it flagged in the first place. IP warming is a great way to avoid this. So what is IP warming? Put in its most basic terms, IP Warming is sending out low volumes of emails to get the various ISPs used to you and to help build your reputation or ‘senders score’- which is partially used to determine if your content is spam or not. Think of it as getting the IPSs to trust you. If your first email from a new IP is sent to too many people on your mailing list at once, you might not ever be able to reach them again. It’s much better to start off on the right foot and get the ISPs on your side to begin with. That way when you send out that awesome email you’ve spent so long perfecting, you know it’s going to reach as many people as possible.

1) A Higher Rate of Qualified Leads Passed to Your Sales Force: Once you have your dedicated, pre-warmed IP up and going you can best utilize all the features Eloqua has to offer. You can be assured that more of your content is reaching your target audience and can better track who is interested in what. By assuring that your message gets to the right people, you will see a higher rate of qualified leads being passed to your sales force. This means that they won’t be wasting their time or efforts trying to sell to people who don’t want to buy, but instead can focus on customers who DO want what you’re selling.

A dedicated, pre-warmed IP should not be viewed as optional equipment but instead as a basic requirement that will help get you up and running as quickly as possible. Here at SFCG we have regularly delivered IP Warming in the course of our customer’s Eloqua implementations and so far they have all gotten up faster and more effectively then customers who do not take advantage of this service.