A Simple Guide to Oracle Content Marketing Part 2: Producing

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Welcome back to our series about Oracle Content Marketing! 

If you haven't heard about Oracle Content Marketing, also known as OCM or Compendium, we're uncovering the benefits of Oracle Content Marketing and why content and digital marketers will appreciate this innovative tool to help with content development and content management on a day to day basis. If you haven't heard about OCM and Eloqua, check this post for more information on the 5 P's! customer experience 

Now, grab your popcorn and let's get to the second P: Producing.  

Producing content in this day and age is now becoming a necessity in marketing strategy. In addition to content being a requirement, there are also many different best practices and strategies in order to get your content to "the top" of the search page. To add more complexity to content marketing, in the last 10 years there has been a revolution in this new found marketing with industries and companies born because of content marketing.

Why is this important? Well, as the content marketing revolution continues to evolve, we as marketers need to keep evolving.

When we look back to the start of search engines, the goal was to develop content with multiple keywords to capture what a prospect/potential customer was searching for. If I was sitting at my desk 10 years ago and writing this post, my keywords would be content, content, content, content, content rocks! 

Now…back to the present. 

The SEO guidelines have changed on a consistent basis. Some of the current best practices are below: 

  • Make sure you have social media referrals 
  • Add additional keywords, but not too many! 
  • Ensure your website is mobile friendly 

In the world of content and how much it has progressed in the last few years, it's all about drawing up the best content which is optimized, uses best practices and is personalized. 

OCM helps to organize and collaborate with content marketers and their teams of writers, editors and digital marketing teams to efficiently produce and publish content. 

Here are some benefits to producing content with Oracle Content Marketing (including some lifesaving tools I'm using right now!) 

Title Wizard

Ever have what I call "content title writer's block"? Titles are the extremely difficult for me and now with OCM, I can easily receive over 50 suggestions for Titles with my keywords. It's so simple! Click on the Title Wizard and you'll be asked to add your primary topic. Once you add your primary topic, you'll see multiple suggestions for titles optimized for engagement and SEO!  

Title Wizard for Oracle Content Marketing

Content Scores

Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird – it's hard to keep up with the new Google Algorithms and what really works in regards to SEO. Now that content marketers need to focus on even more categories and keywords with personalized content, it's adding even more to the plate of a content marketer. With OCM, you'll get a content score as you start typing, monitoring the different keywords you are adding to your content. OCM will also suggest keywords to add even more optimization to your content.  


Content Score for Oracle Content Marketing

Best Practices 

Do you have best practices within your content marketing strategy? Do you follow the general best practices of content marketing? OCM gives your writers a constant reminder to follow best practices such as including an image or video, linking to existing content, writing over 200 words and using lists. You can even populate your own best practices by category or by project! The best practices help to increase your content score, adding additional rating for each best practice you are using in your content development. 


OCM makes publishing extremely easy.  At SFCG, we use the WordPress integration to push our content to our website. It makes it very easy to incorporate our entire team into the writing and content development process without much risk of accessing or changing something on WordPress. OCM has a variety of features with publishing your content including it's own publisher! 

Stay tuned for more in the series as we explore the 5 P's of content marketing with OCM! 

Happy Producing!